Why Digital Marketing is still less Effective in India for Product based companies ?

  • Limited Reach: One of the biggest challenges faced by digital marketing in India is limited reach. Although India is rapidly digitizing, the majority of the population still lacks internet access. As a result, product-based companies may struggle to reach a wider audience through digital marketing.

  • Language Barrier: India is a diverse country with several languages spoken across the length and breadth of the country. While English is the primary language of digital communication, it is not the language of choice for the majority of Indians. Companies that only use English in their digital marketing efforts may struggle to connect with their target audience.

  • Lack of Trust: With the rise in cybercrime and online scams, Indians are becoming increasingly wary of online transactions. As a result, product-based companies may find it difficult to gain the trust of their target audience through digital marketing alone.

  • Limited Awareness: Despite the increasing popularity of digital marketing in India, many people are still unaware of the benefits of using digital marketing for their business. This lack of awareness may be hindering the growth of digital marketing in India.

  • Limited Resources: Many product-based companies in India lack the necessary resources to create and execute a successful digital marketing campaign. This may include a lack of skilled manpower, marketing expertise, and adequate budgets.

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